Terms And Conditions

Understanding all these terms and conditions will give you a better understanding of how virtual reality creators operate.
VRC terms and conditions are stated below.

The procedure of payment

Before availing our services kindly check carefully all the packages available on our website and before placing your order kindly go through our privacy policies to avoid any confusion further. Once you are satisfied with all the policies please note that our policy requires you to pay half amount of your project in advance and complete shall be paid after completion of the project On completion of your project, we will send you your required project to review and if you are satisfied then you are required to pay the other half amount of the project to receive your final project.

Completion and duration of the project

As per the policy of VRC, we assure you that all orders that are placed on our website are delivered on time and no matter what the size and type is, our team will take us approximately five to six hours to completely deliver the project. We would like to mention here that your project can be delayed by some of the circumstances such as natural disasters. In such critical situations, clients will be informed via email or contact information they have provided during placing an order on our website.

Unfair use of content and penality

All the content that is been uploaded on our websites in our portfolio is confidential and it can not be shared anywhere for advertising and marketing purposes. They are the sole property of our client and any unfair use of content by a third party is strictly prohibited. In any case of unfair use of our content by the third party can lead to serious consequences which included imposing of penality and legal actions by VRC.

Privacy at VRC

We are highly professional and all the clients that we deal with our company are under privacy and protection policy which assures that all their personal information shall be confidential and can not be used anywhere. All the personal information such as phone number, email, and address they provide during placement of the order are kept confidential and secure.

Order termination

In case of cancellation of the project after submission, the client is required to write a formal email to use mentioning the reason for the cancellation of the project. Clients have the right to cancel an order within the fifteen days of placement but after that client is not able to cancel the order. After receiving cancellation mail from the client all the work will be canceled and personal information provided by the client would be removed from our storage. Once you have canceled the order then it will not be placed again and half of the amount you paid for the project at the time of placement will not be refunded.

Rules of refund

VRC committed to designing a new logo that will satisfy you. If you are not satisfied with the initial responses provided by VRC, you may request a refund by the Client center’s feedback form. VRC will refund the initial payment made by you, less than a $30.00 service and processing fee. If you have paid using your credit card the money will be transferred back to your credit card account. Refunds will be processed within 6-14 business days after your request. This refund policy will not take effect under any of the following circumstances:
  • If we do not hear back from you for more than 07 days.
  • If you have approved any of the sample designs, we have created for you.
  • If work was commenced on one of your samples and made more than 1 alterations/revisions/ additional samples for you. This applies to the complete service &/ Or the package you have signed up for.
  • If the company we are making the logo for discontinues its operations, change its name or its activity.
  • If the project is closed for reasons not related to our design.
  • If a refund is requested due to any reason not involving VRC in any way.
Once you have requested revisions, you will no longer be eligible for a refund. Instead, we assure you of a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee through unlimited FREE revisions of your service(s) provided until you approve of your final service(s) provided. Once the script is approved by the client, the client does not qualify for a refund on the video animation.


Our company operates with the rules and regulations that are set forth by the legal laws of Pakistan. This includes client services, transaction methods, and delivery methods that we use in our company. Violation of those laws can cause serious consequences and holds us eligible to be prosecuted in the court of law.

Right of Amendment

All the terms and conditions that are mentioned above can be changed in the far or near future. We hold the right to alter or change any of the clauses at any time and we will deliver the updated version of it to our clients via emails. We also encourage our clients to frequently check our policies or before placing an order for complete satisfaction. Make sure to understand all the statements stated above before placing your order on our website because once the order is placed there will be no amendments to the guidelines you provide for your project and VRC would not be responsible for any dissatisfaction you face further on completion of your project. If you have any confusion or questions regarding our policies feel free to reach us at info@vrc.com. We will not be responsible for irregularity caused by the client’s lack of understanding of our rules.

VRC has a revolutionary mindset and we deliver every project with infusing passion, determination, and originality. We have experts to pitch solutions that clients want and offer exceptional quality and superior services by stepping out of traditional boundaries.