Privacy Policy

The privacy policies of VRC are crystal clear and they are easily understandable by the client and in case of any confusion or question reach us at Ou privacy policies are clear and safe for our client’s convenience and satisfaction. Over the years VRC’s major goal is to provide quality and timely services to the clients by accumulating their trust. We have our privacy policies for our clients to retain their trust in every order placed on our website. We request all our clients to have a glance at our privacy policies which are listed below.

Persoanl information of cleints

For all our clients we require personal information during the placement of the order and no personal data will be required by the client during browsing our website for the services. You may safely write all your personal information during placement of your order and we assure you that all your personal information would be confidential and can not be disclosed anywhere. Our website is freely accessible and does not require any personal information. There are only two occasions on our website which require the personal information of the client which is the transaction of payment and submission of order. The following information will be required on these two occasions.

  • Full name
  • Contact information
  • Video animation video format
  • Deadline
  • A suitable package for your project

All the required information mentioned above is asked at the time of transaction and placement of the order and they require creating client identity to timely provide projects. The personal information required by the client provide us following advantage.

Easy transaction process

After placement of the order client will receive a transcript for their order via mail and will be notified of any delay during their project. We assure you that no personal information will not be leaked related to the client or project under any condition.

Tracking Data

Our website uses session-based service to provide for a user-friendly and fluid experience. That is why our website employs cookies taken from the client. Please note that cookies will only forward us the data regarding user preferences and settings, and will not be used maliciously or to extract personal information. Using cookies is purely optional, and any visitor to our website may elect to disable them from their internet browser.

VRC has a revolutionary mindset and we deliver every project with infusing passion, determination, and originality. We have experts to pitch solutions that clients want and offer exceptional quality and superior services by stepping out of traditional boundaries.